Transair Aluminum Piping System

Transair® is a fast, flexible and easy to modify aluminum  pipe system for compressed air, vacuum and inert gas applications. Transair® components are reusable and interchangeable, which enables immediate and easy layout modifications. Unlike the performance of steel or copper, which degrades over time due to corrosion, Transair® provides clean air quality with optimum flow rate performance.

Reduces Plant Energy Cost

As a direct result of increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops and eliminating leaks.

Commitment to Sustainability

Transair® pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable resulting in a decreased carbon Introduction footprint.

Resistance To Corrosion

Transair® is specifically powder-coated to enhance its mechanical, physical and chemical properties, making it ideal for aggressive industrial applications.

Compressed Air - Industry Applications

In the past, compressed air users have been burdened by the limitations of traditional compressed air pipe systems. Difficult installation and modification, poor air quality, and high-pressure losses are all common problems. Transair solves these problems with its innovative design making installation fast, simple, and economical.

Transair offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems. It is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion, which ensures extended longevity of equipment and can help to avoid frequent changes of filter elements. Its removable and interchangeable components allow users to easily reconfigure production layouts or implement process changes within minutes.

The versatility of Transair’s quick connections also eliminates the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. Its “full bore” components and low friction coefficient of aluminum ensure optimal and constant flow throughout your compressed air system, and its unique sealing technology guarantees Transair to be leak-free.

Transair is an environmentally sustainable and responsible product that reduces the carbon footprint by 80% over steel piping installations. The materials used to produce Transair pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable and guaranteed silicone-free. Transair is also ideal for aggressive environments, with a specifically powder-coated outer surface that enhances mechanical, physical, and chemical properties.

By installing Transair, industrial facilities can increase efficiency, reduce pressure drops, and eliminate leaks while improving operational efficiencies and minimizing installation and maintenance costs. Transair can be integrated into existing copper and steel compressed air pipe systems without compromising performance, making it perfect for upgrades or expansion projects.

Inert Gas - Industry Applications

Transair conveys nitrogen for a number of uses, including:
• As a blanketing gas to prevent fire and explosions
• To protect products from degradation by replacing atmospheric oxygen
• To treat molten metal manufacturing
• To avoid oxidation during the heat treatment of metallic products, and during
welding and laser cutting
• In garages – filling tires to increase their longevity

Transair piping systems are uniquely designed for optimum performance while using inert gases. The smooth interior with “full bore” design allows the gas to flow free without compromising its properties. Transair is suitable for the distribution of Argon, Nitrogen, CO2 mixtures, Helium and many mixed specialty gases for up to 232 psi in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F.

Regarding the safety aspect of Transair, the polyamide with fiberglass and treated-brass constructed connectors are non-flammable with no propagation of flame. Furthermore, Transair has Qualicoat certification that is a guarantee of the quality of the lacquer finish applied to Transair aluminum pipe, which enhances mechanical, physical and chemical properties.

Vacuum - Industry Applications

Vacuum pumps are necessary elements in any workshop, but can be an unwanted source of heat and noise on the shop floor. Installing a centralized vacuum system will improve working conditions in the plant, and because pump maintenance can be performed without stopping workshop machinery, the system will increase overall productivity.

Transair’s quick-connect piping system for vacuum systems to 98.7% (29.6″ Hg) offers a high-quality vacuum solution that will increase the life expectancy of your equipment and the durability of your products. Our aluminum pipe is naturally resistant to corrosion and the unique quick-connect interlocking components guarantee a leak-free connection, ensuring optimal airflow and reduced maintenance costs for your system.

Transair’s modular and reusable system is easy to setup and adjust, safe, durable, and requires just half the time to install compared to PVC piping systems that are traditionally used for centralized vacuum systems. All products are developed to be maintenance-free, and are stocked and available in gray for easy identification among your other piping systems.

Transair Connection Technology

Transair’s innovative technology enables rapid and easy assembly with quick connection of components to the aluminum pipe. This technology takes into account the specific requirements of each diameter and provides the user with an optimum safety coefficient and easy connection.

1/2” (16.5mm) – 1” (25mm) – 1 1/2” (40mm)
Pipe-to-pipe and male connectors in 1/2″, 1″ and 1 1/2″ can be immediately connected to Transair® pipe – simply push the pipe into the connector up to the connection mark. The gripping ring of each fitting is then automatically secured and the connection is safe.

2” (50mm) – 2 1/2” (63mm)
Pipe-to-pipe and male connectors in 2″ and 2 1/2″ can be quickly connected to Transair® aluminum pipe by means of a snap ring. This secures the connection between the nut and the pipe – tightening of the nuts secures the final assembly.

3” (76mm) – 4” (100mm) – 6” (168mm)
Pipe-to-pipe and male connectors in 3″, 4″ and 6″ can be quickly connected to Transair® aluminum pipe.
Position the pipes to be connected within a Transair® cartridge and close/tighten a Transair® clamp

Transair Sizing Chart

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