Transair Flange Adapter

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Transair Flange Adapter


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8" to 6" 63mm or 2 1/2" 76mm or 3" 101mm or 4" 168mm or 6"
DIN Standard ANSI Standard 3" NPT Male ANSI 125/150
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Transair® Pipe Connectors use quick connection technology to provide quick and easy installation of compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas piping systems. This quick connection technology allows for systems to be modified and reconfigured within minutes, instead hours or days with traditional materials. Production downtime is decreased, and process productivity and efficiency are increased with Transair pipe fittings for aluminum piping.

The €œfull bore€ design of Transair compressed air pipe fittings paired with the low coefficient of friction in the pipe ensures optimal flow throughout the system. All connectors are 100% recyclable, silicone-free, and made of non-flammable materials. (UL94-HB compliant) Parker has a 10-year warranty on all Transair pipe and connectors.

The connectors for 1/2€ (16,5mm), 1€ (25mm), and 1-1/2€ (40mm) pipes connect via push-to-connect fittings technology. All connectors come from the factory pre-torqued and marked. This means that to install, the pipe just needs to be inserted into the fittings, no need to tighten the nut further.

The connectors for 2€ (50mm), and 2-1/2€ (63mm) pipes connect via snap ring technology. The snap ring prevents the connector half from sliding forward and causing an insertion depth error. The two connector halves are then screwed together to keep the connector from coming apart.

The connectors for 3€ (76mm), 4€ (101mm), and 6€ (168,3mm) connect via clamp or clamshell technology. The clamshell has a cartridge that grips onto the lugs of the pipe. Pipes come pre-lugged, but if the pipe is cut field lugging is required. The clamshell then goes over the pipe ends and cartridge. The two halves of the clamshell are then screwed together to prevent the connector from coming apart.

For the full installation instructions and to learn more about Transair aluminum pipe connectors, download our installation manual or watch our installation videos under Product Support.

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